I am flying B-24J and B-17 WWII Bombers again for the next two weeks.




I am in the co-piot seat here in the B-24


I am once again going the Collings Foundation’s Wings of Freedom Tour. I will be co-pilot of either the B-24J or the B-17 for the next two weeks in stops in major Florida cities. More info can be found here.


Here are the dates I am involved in.

1/29 – 2/1
Fort Lauderdale, FL (B-17, B-24 & P-51)
Airport: Fort Lauderdale Executive
Location: Hangar 63
*note – On Saturday January 31st the aircraft will be located near the Jet Runway Cafe’

2/2 – 2/5 Marathon, FL (B-17, B-24 & P-51)
Airport: The Florida Keys Marathon Airport
Location: Antique Aircraft

2/5 – 2/8 Naples, FL (B-17, B-24 & P-51)
Airport: Naples Municipal Airport
Location: Main Terminal

2/9 – 2/12 Fort Myers, FL (B-17, B-24 & P-51)
Airport: Page Field Airport
Location: West Ramp

2/12 – 2/15 Venice, FL (B-17, B-24 & P-51)
Aiport: Venice Municipal Airport
Location: Sun Coast Air Center

Come by and say Hi if you are in the area. New pics(these are from last October will be posted soon)

Emergency Landing #2

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.15.41 AM


2nd Emergency Landing in 2 days. I am done.

So it wasn’t the primer. When it quit this time all I had to deal with is a little private owned strip. Sheared the nosewheel off the gear in order to stop it in time. It’s getting taken apart, thrown on a truck and worked on. Leaving here today. I am done with this airplane.


Private Runway I had to use to land the plane.


Engine Failure and Emergency Landing

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.22.09 AM



Myself, passenger and plane were all ok. Made perfect landing.

Engine failure. Don’t you love it when that happens?

I had to deadstick it 10 miles to KSZY.   I wouldn’t really change anything, I didn’t even end up using the radio. No time, just looked around, saw an airport and turned to it. It was a small uncontrolled field. I ended up landing with a tailwind but that doesn’t really matter, the most important thing to remember in emergencies is to stay calm.



This was the issue. Broken Pipe.


It was caused by the pipe leading up to the primer snapping. A couple local mechanics fixed it. I just inspected it, then test flew it.


Plane runs fine now after the fix


After the mechanics fixed the pipe, I inspected it, ran it up for 30-40 minutes and did a quick test flight. All good. On to Oregon.

Busy Two Weeks

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.15.41 AM


This plane looks like it comes from a James Bond Movie


I am Ferrying a Long-EZ this week from TN to OR.

Then I fly to Fort Lauderdale FL to join the Collings Foundation Wings of Freedom Tour once again.

I got to attend their Winter Ground school in Daytona Florida area a few weeks ago and I will be flying both the only Flying B-24J Liberator and their B-17 WWII bombers from Feb 1 to Feb 15.  I will be at the stops in Fort Lauderdale, Marathon, Naples, Fort Myers and Venice Florida. Then I come home for a few weeks before airshow season starts and I will be flying my Extra down to Florida for the start of that.

Demo Ride Video for Airshow Experiences LLC

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.15.53 AM


Now that my extra is in New Hampshire, I am ready to begin Aerobatic rides starting this Saturday, January 17 2015 at the Nashua NH Airport.

This is a demo video I shot this morning.  To schedule a ride go to www.airshowexperiences.com

This is just a sample. In the actual ride you can choose to do any or all of the following: Barrel rolls, slow aileron rolls, fast aileron rolls, airshow slow rolls, loops, hammerheads, Cuban eights, Immelman, and some customers will be able to experience more advanced maneuvers such as snap rolls, vertical rolls, tail slides, airshow gyroscopic tumbles, torque rolls, lomcevaks, spins, inverted spins, point rolls, knife edge spins.

Landed Home after a cross country trip with New Plane

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.15.59 AM


just after landing in Nashua NH (NASH)

I literally went coast to coast this week in my new Extra 300L. Started is Rosamund CA on Tuesday and landed in Nashua NH at 4:30pm on Sunday. Approximately 18 hours of flying. And there is no heater in this aircraft.  This plane is designed for airshows in warm weather. We had to stop several times in -9 weather along the way.  The plane will be here until March, when I head to Florida for the start of airshow season.


Standing in front of my plane in the hanger

More about the trip and my new business and my partnership with a major airshow team will be coming soon.

I have to fly to Florida for two days of ground school for the Collings Foundation’s airplanes.  I plan to tour with them when I am not busy during and after airshow season.


Picture from Video Shoot

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 9.32.31 AM

We got to do some acrobatics yesterday in Ohio for a video shoot. Video will be coming later in the week, but here is one screenshot.  Pilot Emily Carpenter in the front. I am unseen in the back seat. Emily was with me from when I picked up the plane in California. I am leaving her at her home in Ohio today and flying the plane back to NH by myself.  Thanks Emily for all the help.