Ever wonder what it is like to fly in an aerobatic contest? Here you go:

I used Two GoPro being during a  contest flight at the Kathy Jaffe Aerobatic Contest in southern New Jersey. I was flying a Super Decathlon in the Sportsman category, this flight in particular placed pretty well. Contest was held 8-13-2014.

I recently got to fly the world’s only flying WWII B-24 Bomber

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 6.31.34 PM

I contacted the Collings Foundation and got a media ride on their B-24.  I was driven down to Groton CT and met up with the plane and got to flly to my home airport in Nashua NH.  It  was incredible. Got 30 minutes of stick time and spent the rest running around the empty airplane like a kid in a candy store. The B-24, “Witchcraft” was unstable, and really really heavy. Tendency to over bank. Overall, she was amazing. Here are some pictures:

1385694_853248314685196_2385933806391239556_n 1458681_853248374685190_2193464775446955196_n 10426268_853142194695808_8473796670385615341_n 10628025_853142238029137_3347297669934079710_n 10635826_853248338018527_8202372590306349036_n 10636153_853248448018516_6729995139290286709_n 10650047_853248468018514_4163172022207531230_n 10660201_853248351351859_2420774164916342188_n 10704024_853248421351852_5970959700957193477_n