Texan Formation Flying and Aerobatics in Florida.

Having a great time in florida in an SNJ(T-6) flying some tight formations off another one and doing some nice positive G gentlemen’s aerobatics. Filmed with POV Video sunglasses. Forgot to turn on camera until after takeoff and it ran out of battery before landing. It also didn’t record audio for some reason hence the music. Enjoy!

Multi-Engine Checkride delayed to next week

Piper Seminole

I got to be the SIC of the B-24 because the Pilot was a CFI. To be able to come back more often and fly the B-24 and other planes, I have recently completed my training for Multi-Engine Rating.  All the hours in the B-24 did help. My check ride with the FAA DPE is going to be next week sometime. I am ready. I will be Flying the Piper Seminole that in trained in at East Coast Aero Club for the check ride.

Video of me landing the B-24

Here’s a quick video of pattern entry and landing in the Collings Foundation’s B-24 from the right seat. It was a pretty crappy landing, you can see the captain give me a little assistance holding the nose wheel off the ground(to assist with aerodynamic braking.)

I had the time of my life being the co-pilot of that plane for 10 days. I hope to go back again in the future.


It’s been raining here all week.  No flying to be had.  I have been studying for both my CFI and Multi-Engine ratings.

On Friday morning, I do my second training session of three for Multi-Engine rating.  I already have many hours of logged multi-engine dual time, I just need three hours of practicing for the check ride. I hope to be able to do the check ride next week.

Then I am off to Kingston RI for the rest of the dayFriday  and all day Saturday to fly the Stearman.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 9.01.32 AM

Next to the bridge is a Battleship and other navy vessels at Battleship Cove, Fall River MA

Status Update:

Unfortunately, the IAC 25 Fall Classic was canceled due to weather over the weekend. It would have been fun.  This week I am going to try and get my multi-engine rating.  I have 8 hours of recent multi-engine logged (In a B-24). And Many other hours with friend’s planes.  Going for lesson tomorrow, then I am driving to Rhode Island again, to be safety pilot for the Stearman, that I ferried from Chicago two weeks ago.  It’s billable commercial pilot work that I am getting paid for.  It should be a busy but fun day.




I am flying Saturday at the Keene Dillant Hopkins Airport in Keene, NH for the Keene Fall Classic aerobatic competition. This one day event will feature competitors from across New England going head to head in “Sportsman” and “Primary” level aerobatics. Flying should start around 9am!

The Rumor is true:


Air show stars Mike Goulian and Rob Holland Ultimate Airshows face off in head to head competition tomorrow at the Keene Fall Classic at KEEN. I will be completing against them both in the flying sportsman level aerobatics in the same Super Decathlon.  Goulian is a world renown airshow pilot and red bull racer and owns the flight school whose plane I use in these contests And my friend Rob Holland, is a world renown airshow pilot as well, who won his 4th USA IAC Championship title a month ago. They are both used to flying planes much faster and competing at a higher level. They are doing this for fun.